Faith Fiorile joined the Ballast family as publishing associate earlier this year. Following a life-long love of books, Faith brings that enthusiasm to our marketing team to highlight and promote our esteemed authors and the Ballast brand. Faith recently took part in an exciting educational opportunity and took some time to share some takeaways from that experience with our authors and audience.

How long have you been part of the Ballast Books team? You are truly a book lover. When did you know that your educational and professional paths would lead to the publishing industry?
I’ve been a part of the Ballast Books team since May 2023, and it’s been an incredible journey so far. I’ve always been a book lover, but I didn’t realize that my educational and professional paths would lead me to the publishing industry until a bit later in life. It was during my time working on marketing for podcasts featuring authors and thought leaders that I realized the immense power of storytelling and how it intersects with the publishing world.

You have a strong background in podcast management. What similarities have you found in promoting voices through these two different mediums—podcasts and books?
Podcasts and books indeed share some similarities when it comes to promoting voices. In both mediums, the goal is to connect with audiences, spark meaningful conversations, and share stories that resonate. Whether it’s through a podcast episode or the pages of a book, the focus is on content that engages and enlightens.

You recently attended the Columbia Publishing Course at the University of Oxford. Can you tell us about that experience?
Attending the Columbia Publishing Course at the University of Oxford was truly a transformative experience. It provided me with invaluable insights into the global publishing landscape and allowed me to learn from industry experts. I had the chance to study alongside peers from all over the world, which broadened my perspective on the industry and its challenges.

Would you encourage other publishing professionals to continue their education with similar courses to the one you took at Oxford? Where do you see the biggest benefit, even for those with years of experience in the industry?
I would absolutely encourage other publishing professionals to consider similar courses. Regardless of the years of experience one may have, the publishing world is ever evolving. These courses offer an opportunity to stay updated on industry trends, connect with a diverse network, and gain fresh perspectives. It’s a valuable investment in one’s professional growth.

Was there anything you learned that stood out as something you were excited to bring back to the team and apply in your role here?
One key takeaway from my time at Oxford was the importance of embracing change and innovation in publishing. The industry is evolving rapidly, and adapting to new technologies and reader preferences is crucial. I’m excited to bring these insights back to the Ballast Books team and apply them to our work.

You also got to do some sightseeing while you were abroad. Tell us about your favorite (non-publishing) thing you did in England.
While in England, I had the chance to explore Oxford’s stunning architecture and its rich history. But my favorite non-publishing endeavor was visiting the Bodleian Library. As a book lover, I thought it was awe-inspiring to be in a place with centuries of literary history.

Lastly, let’s hear about your favorite books! What do you read for fun?
As for my favorite books, I enjoy a wide range of genres. Lately, I’ve been diving into contemporary fiction and the classics. One of my favorite books of all time is Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. It’s all about storytelling and the ability of a book to transport you to different worlds and offer new viewpoints. There are so many amazing authors out there, and I’m always excited to discover new voices and stories.

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