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Deliberate Discomfort: How U.S. Special Operations Forces Overcome Fear and Dare to Win by Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. By Jason Van Camp, with Andy Symonds

Deliberate Discomfort follows the journey of Jason Van Camp as a new Green Beret commander taking over a team of combat-hardened Special Forces veterans. This true story tells firsthand the intense, traumatic battles these warriors fought and won, sharing lessons learned from their incredible backgrounds. A cadre of scientists further break down each experience, translating them into digestible and relatable action items, allowing the reader to apply these lessons forged under fire to their own lives.

Deliberate Discomfort is the ultimate book on leadership and self-improvement, depicting how these warriors found a way to win under incredible odds with never-quit attitudes. The authors don't just tell you how to thrive underpressure; they show you how, in heart-racing, first-person narratives.

Read Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry's true account of grabbing an enemy grenade in Afghanistan, saving the lives of his fellow soldiers but losing his hand in the process. Hear what fellow Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg was thinking as he tackled a suicide bomber. Feel what Marine Joey Jones felt as he was flying through the air, weightless, after stepping on the IED that would take both his legs. And most importantly, experience what Jason learned about leadership and embracing discomfort from adversity.

Frank W. Abagnale, Jr.
Frank W. Abagnale, Jr. Best Selling Author of Catch Me If You Can, Stealing Your Life, and The Art Of The Steal.

"Gripping. Authentic. Engaging. Prodigiously researched, carefully argued, and gracefully written... a masterpiece."

Robert A. McDonald
Robert A. McDonald Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs under President Obama; Retired Chairman, President & CEO of The Procter & Gamble Company

"Deliberate Discomfort provides an intensely practical and enlightened path which challenges us to break out of our comfort zones. It will undoubtedly be lauded by both military and non-military readers alike as a powerful catalyst for individual change."

Ron Rivera
Ron Rivera Former NFL Head Coach, Carolina Panthers

"This book provides leadership and life lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my career and life. Every leader should read it."

Rob Riggle
Rob Riggle Actor/Comedian & Lt. Colonel, USMC (Ret.)

"Straight up authentic. For anyone that has ever wanted to overcome fear and do more in their life, Jason Van Camp doesn't just tell you to do it, he shows you how to do it. I have a renewed appreciation for the power of the human mind to dare to win."

Chris Long
Chris Long 2x Super Bowl Champion

"Jason's gravitational pull as a leader is unmistakably evident. There s no better man to curate anecdotes of mental toughness and perseverance."

Rick Spielman
Rick Spielman General Manager, NFL s Minnesota Vikings

"The principles Jason taught (the team) and the instruction we received are all found in his game-changing book. He taught us the value of mental toughness and maintaining composure through emotional intelligence."

Bellwether Blues: A Conservative Awakening of the Millennial Soul by Jonathan Jakubowski

Americans live in an era of increasing political turmoil where tensions are heightened and conflict is the new normal.

Having grown up in this environment, millennials know nothing different. Their experiences have driven them toward disillusionment and frustration with the political norm. In sum, they have caught a case of the Bellwether Blues. The resulting skepticism has brought out the worst in those who engage in political dialogue, only adding fuel to the fire.

In an era where the political world is ablaze with hatred, Bellwether Blues offers a highly effective antidote. Rather than allowing the ends to justify the means, Jonathan Jakubowski encourages conservatives to rethink their approach to reaching the millennial generation. Fight or flight might be the natural response to conflict, but there is a third option for conservatives if they choose: Make friends. This counterintuitive approach is gleaned through the stories of seven millennials in Wood County, Ohio who changed their voting preferences from liberal to conservative.

“Bellwether Blues is a powerful commentary that provides firsthand insight into the future for how Conservatives can succeed in winning hearts and minds of the next generation.”

Keith Faber, Auditor
Keith Faber, Auditor State of Ohio

“Jonathan’s writing gives a glimpse into the ways millennials understand their communities and the world while also giving a compelling argument for what might make those beliefs evolve and mature.”

Jon Husted
Jon Husted Ohio Lt. Governor

“Jonathan’s unique perspective on swing state politics gives a deeper understanding of what makes Ohio a bellwether state and what it takes to win it in the 21st Century.”

Mike DeWine
Mike DeWine Ohio Governor

“In one of the fiercest battlegrounds in the country, this work goes beneath the surface of the “Trump phenomenon” to examine why Millennial’s are not just changing their vote but also their ideology."

Robert Sprague
Robert Sprague Treasurer of State of Ohio

“Jonathan Jakubowski’s book takes a good, hard look at the fight for the heart and mind that’s facing this millennial generation.”

Frank LaRose
Frank LaRose Secretary of State, Ohio

Jonathan Jakubowski is a Christian, husband, father, author, business leader and millennial. He played football at Bowling Green State University and received his Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University. Jonathan leads an innovative and award-winning startup called SmartSolve. He lives in Ohio with his wife and four kids where he serves as Executive Committee Chairman of the Wood County Republican Party and sits on the Wood County Board of elections.

A Beautiful Tragedy: A Navy SEAL Widow’s Permission to Grieve and Prescription for Hope

On June 28, 2005, nineteen U.S. service members perished in the mountains of Afghanistan. The author’s husband, Navy SEAL Jacques Fontan, was one of those killed.

The mission, Operation Red Wings, has become one of the most well-known operations in contemporary warfare. Only one survivor lived to tell the harrowing story, resulting in books, speeches, and a blockbuster movie, Lone Survivor. Perhaps more important, the mission created much-needed public awareness and curiosity about the realities of war and survival.

But there have been no books, speeches, or movies written about the other survivors: the women and children whose lives changed forever that summer day. While each widow and family processed the tragedy differently, Char became absorbed in anger and bitterness. Coping with grief was unfamiliar and scary to her. She hated God, whom she had trusted all her life, and blamed Him for losing her husband in such a violent manner.

Before she knew it, she was on the front lines of a battle to regain her own life. When all seemed lost, the kindness and persistence of a neighbor brought renewed hope and restoration to her horribly broken heart in a surprising and refreshing way.

This is her story as one of the survivors of Operation Red Wings.

Marcus Luttrell
Marcus Luttrell Former Navy SEAL and bestselling author of Lone Survivor

"While there are many excellent books and movies portraying the heroics of our fallen heroes, it is not often that we are offered an inside look at the lives of the loved ones left behind. Char does an excellent job in her book laying bare her experiences with her warrior husband, from the time she met him to the time she lost him and afterwards.

We tend to overlook the sacrifices and agonizing pain of the families of those whose battlefield experiences become the stuff of legends. This book gives us an opportunity to see inside the feelings of someone who truly loved her Navy SEAL husband who was taken far too early.

Jacques was on the bird that came to get my teammates and I out of the hornet’s nest. He was and will always be remembered as a warrior who never quit. My admiration for Char and all of the families who lost their loved ones that horrific day will never cease."

Eric Blehm
Eric Blehm Bestselling author of Fearless, Legend, and The Only Thing Worth Dying For

"Ask any warrior, and they’ll tell you that in combat, politics go out the window. They’re fighting for the person beside them so they can do one thing: complete the mission, survive, and return home to their loved ones. These are the stories of war that find their way into books, movies, and unit lore.

Lesser told are accounts of survival on the home front, where life must go on, even, or especially when, a warrior does not come home. Char Fontan Westfall received that heart-breaking, life-changing knock on the door when her Navy SEAL husband was killed in action during combat operations in Afghanistan. She has written a deeply personal story of love and war in which pride for the past battles guilt for the future. The result is an emotional roller coaster of a memoir that honors both the warrior she lost, and the new love she found."

Leading from Within 3D cover

Leading from Within: Pushing and Pulling the Natural Leader Inside All of Us by Dan Luna

The purpose of this journal is to create a deeper and more profound self-awareness by its user. It should be used as a tool for cultivating and nourishing a deeper understanding of oneself, one's surrounding environment, and a knowledge of how each of us show up as leaders. Regardless if you are leading yourself or thousands, this journal will help you explore the knowledge inside of you.

Leading from Within is a unique, guided approach replicating a 1:1 leadership coaching experience, making the valuable tool of coaching accessible to those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to hire a personal coach. This journal format bridges a gap between leadership academics that focuses on the quantitative world and leadership coaching that focuses on the qualitative world. By combining both worlds, we provide a process for each user to better understand the realm of leadership. In turn, we partner and distill with you what may otherwise feel like an overwhelming amount of information regarding leadership and, thus, in sharing this challenge, we navigate a means to deeper self-awareness of what it means to be a leader in our own life as well as helping lead in the lives of others.

Eddie Gallagher book cover mockeup 3D

Forthcoming Title:
The Man in the Arena: From Fighting ISIS to Fighting for His Freedom; A Navy SEAL’s Battle to Clear His Name by Eddie and Andrea Gallagher, with Andy Symonds