Leading from Within

Leading from Within


Leadership journal created by Dan Luna, retired Navy SEAL and founder of Team 3LX.



The purpose of this journal is to create a deeper and more profound self-awareness by its user. It should be used as a tool for cultivating and nourishing a deeper understanding of oneself, one’s surrounding environment, and a knowledge of how each of us show up as leaders.Regardless if you are leading yourself or thousands, this journal will help you explore the knowledge inside of you.Leading From Within is a unique, guided approach replicating a 1:1 leadership coaching experience, making the valuable tool of coaching accessible to those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to hire a personal coach. This journal format bridges a gap between leadership academics that focuses on the quantitative world and leadership coaching that focuses on the qualitative world. By combining both worlds, we provide a process for each user to better understand the realm of leadership. In turn, we partner and distill with you what may otherwise feel like an overwhelming amount of information regarding leadership and, thus, in sharing this challenge, we navigate a means to deeper self-awareness of what it means to be a leader in our own life as well as helping lead in the lives of others.

Dan Luna formed 3LX Consulting in 2019 after a twenty-year career in the United States Navy SEAL Teams. He has been an instructor at the United States Naval Academy, where he was voted by the Class of 2017 to be an Honorary Graduate, and earned a Master’s Degree in Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown. His diverse set of experiences includes executing and facilitating extensive training activities and exercises, ensuring the maximum readiness of teams who routinely operate globally at the highest level of excellence. He has led and coached a diverse set of teams from various backgrounds, ranging from collegiate and professional athletes to government organizations across several continents.During his time in the Navy, Dan led at the unit, operational, and command levels during assignments to SEAL Team One and Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU).At the Naval Academy, Dan refined his training and coaching methods, developing and delivering competency-based leadership training to future Navy and Marine Corps Officers. Since retiring, he has worked closely with individuals and organizations who are looking to improve their leadership programs and competencies.

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