Buer introduces readers to those Marines who fly through sandstorms into harm’s way. You’ll meet them and learn the emotions they felt as they went to war.

About the Book:

Climb in the cockpit and join a Marine attack helicopter pilot in this authentic and compelling firsthand account of the opening days and nights of the Iraq War.

Experience the sights, smells, and sounds of the Cobra, hanging on tight as you’re hurled into the chaos of night combat operations. Step through an otherwise closed door and explore the emotions, physical danger, and successes that would shape a generation of aviators.

Author Eric Buer lived to fly the Cobra, delivering incredible firepower and devastating America’s enemies in the aircraft that would become both his home and office. Wherever Marines fought and whenever their commanders needed support, he and his fellow Cobra aircrew were there. In Ghosts of Baghdad, you can be there too. Feel these pilots’ frustrations, experience their exhaustion, and lament alongside them in the face of tragedy. Ultimately, you will come to understand how a sense of duty, service, and shared sacrifice develops into an unbreakable trust and bond.

Strap in—this true story will take you inside the Cobra for a heart-pounding, fist-pumping, adrenaline-rush-filled thrill ride!

Author Bio:

A native Californian, Eric Buer spent his formative years in rural New England before graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in economics. After accepting a commission from the Marine Corps, he was trained to fly attack helicopters. His deployments took him to the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He later served on the staff of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as a professor of national security strategy and policy at the National War College and as an air group commanding officer. Eric is currently a senior executive for an aviation and training company. He is also a consultant and public speaker in the areas of military and commercial aviation and global conflict.


“This is a richly detailed memoir that puts you inside the cockpit. An intense narrative of one man’s personal relationship with what he calls the Ghosts of Baghdad.”
—LtGen Robert “Boomer” Milstead, USMC (Ret.), air group and air wing commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom

“If you want to experience flying a Marine attack helicopter in combat in Iraq, this is your ticket to the show—and it’s a good one.”
—LTC Hugh L. Mills, author of Low Level Hell and member of the US Army Aviation Hall of Fame

“Cobra gunship pilot Buer presents a riveting insight into the Corps’ masterful execution of war fighting where warriors engage the enemy face on. It grabs you and pulls you right into the cockpit. An honest and timeless reminder of the reality, sacrifices, and courage of those who fly and fight for this great nation.”
—VADM Jerry Unruh, USN (Ret.), Vietnam fighter pilot and former commander of TOPGUN

“An outstanding look into combat through the eyes of a Marine Cobra pilot… A must-read for every pilot and the Marines they support.”
—MGen Julian Alford, USMC (Ret.), Veteran of Operations Just Cause, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom

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