About the Book:

Kissing Asphalt tells the story of how Delicia emerged as a beacon of strength from the shadows of her past.

At the tender age of four, Delicia and her brother, Nile, were cruelly snatched away, their lives upended as they were transported to a distant land. Yet, against all odds, their resilience paved the way for their miraculous homecoming to their beloved California.

Guided by a devoted single parent, a special education teacher, Delicia’s upbringing in the modest neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley amplified her struggles. But throughout the darkest times, she clung to the unwavering light that resides deep within her.

In her remarkable debut memoir, Kissing Asphalt, Delicia fearlessly lays bare her soul once more, inviting readers into the depths of her internal battles and resounding triumphs.

Her roller coaster journey, encompassing harrowing abuse and the poignant account of her assault at seventeen, unfolds with unflinching honesty, leaving readers breathless with each turn of the page.

Driven by a steadfast desire to make a meaningful impact, Delicia pours her heart and soul into her emotive narrative. Her resolute conviction remains unshaken: “If I can help one person through my writing, it will make everything I endured throughout my life, including the process of writing my first memoir, worth it.”

Throughout this memoir series, readers walk alongside Delicia as she overcomes each challenge, unerringly demonstrating that the human spirit has the resilience to rise above adversity and discover a radiant light at the end of the tunnel.

About the Author:

Delicia Niami is an inspiring author whose life journey has transformed her into a symbol of resilience. From a young age, she faced unimaginable trauma, commencing with a kidnapping that took her to Baghdad, Iraq. After her homecoming to the United States, she was raised by a single mother in California’s challenging neighborhoods. Her deeply vulnerable memoir, Kissing Asphalt, chronicles her triumphs and hardships, including her survival of a devastating assault at seventeen. Through her eloquent storytelling, Delicia aims to help others using her own experiences to inspire and provide solace. Her memoir series, Resilient AF, is a testament to her unwavering commitment to overcoming adversity and prioritizing personal happiness. Delicia‘s perseverance and dedication shine through her poignant writing, inviting readers to find strength in the face of darkness.

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