About the Book:

“I hope this book offers a sense of hope and connection to those looking for support on their journey.”

When Denise Coravelli moved to Bozeman, Montana, she had no idea she would soon be putting her background as a retirement home activities director to the test. Seeking a fresh start for herself and her beloved horse, she moved into a cottage on a ranch and soon befriended the owner, El, who became a mentor to her.

When Denise began noticing signs of Alzheimer’s/dementia in El, she was immediately concerned. However, she wasn’t about to give up on her friend. Having attained the education necessary to develop an Alzheimer’s/dementia unit in her previous role, she was well-equipped to give El the support he needed to fight back. To hold off the disease, which El referred to as Bruce because he could never remember the word “Alzheimer’s,” Denise created a regimen of activities and other best practices that made a huge difference for El. Together, they navigated the stages of Alzheimer’s/dementia, adapting El’s daily exercises and routines to accommodate his changing condition. Their combined efforts paid off—although El couldn’t elude the effects of Bruce forever, he was able to retain his sense of self for longer than he and Denise had thought possible.

Now, Denise is seeking to share her experience with others in the hopes that it will help them fight back against Alzheimer’s/dementia in a way that works for them. Me, You, and Bruce is a touching and resonant book that shares El and Denise’s journey together, helping readers feel less alone on their own individual journeys. Even more importantly, with example worksheets and other resources, this book offers practical tips that readers can apply to help their loved ones. It is meant to be a guide for the individual with Alzheimer’s/dementia and their family and a way to hold back this terrible disease for as long as possible.

About the Author:

Denise Coravelli left the corporate world behind to pursue a role as an activities director at a retirement facility, where she successfully spearheaded an effort to develop an Alzheimer’s/dementia unit on the ground floor. From there, she moved to a cottage on a ranch in Bozeman, Montana, where she simultaneously operated as the ranch manager and worked hand in hand with the owner, El, to manage his Alzheimer’s. This experience is what prompted her to write Me, You, and Bruce, capturing all the resources and exercises they used to hold back El’s dementia for as long as possible. Today, Denise is an Alzheimer’s behavioral consultant who also works in property management and restoration. Her heart calls both Bozeman, Montana, and Santa Cruz, California, home. Denise is the proud mother of one incredible son and six amazing grandchildren ages twenty-one, nineteen, sixteen, fifteen, six, and four.

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