About the Book:

The colonial church was critical in training the founding generation on biblical principles for governing justly. When England governed unjustly over a long period of time with no intention of changing course, the leaders of the Continental Congress confronted their civil authority. After many years trying to reconcile, they saw no other option but to follow the biblical template for starting a new nation. They drafted the Declaration of Independence, and God blessed their effort.

For many generations, the church embraced its stewardship role to pass on these principles, but for the last fifty years, the modern church has turned away from this responsibility. Is citizenship optional for Christians? What is the compelling biblical argument for active Christian citizenship? This book lays out this citizenship role in strikingly clear terms backed by thousands of verses. All the common objections to political engagement are addressed, pointing the reader to the unescapable conclusion: The Duty Is Ours.

About the Author:

Mark Burrell is originally from Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State University with an engineering degree. He has spent forty years in industry and developed a passion for theology. He has helped to start several churches and has had a teaching ministry for over thirty years. Mark began focusing on the American founding in the mid-1990s when seeking to understand whether the Revolutionary War was biblically justified. This led to the publication of his first book, Rediscovering the American Covenant: Roadmap to Restore America, in October of 2022. His latest book, The Duty Is Ours, is a condensed version arguing all Christians have a citizenship duty in the communities and nations in which they live.

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