This story takes the reader through an unbelievable journey into the world of love, betrayal, despair, redemption, and survival. Emotionally and logically, you get immersed in a real life trip that defies reality.

About the Book:

The Intelligent Startup: A New Model of Coordination for Tomorrow’s Leaders is a transformative work by transformative authors.

In this perception-shattering book, George Graen, one of the world’s most cited leadership scholars, and Julio Canedo, creator of the Strategic Alignment App, revisit major management theories using results from their combined decades of research and practice.

Drawing on both quantitative and qualitative metrics, the authors craft a framework to create results-oriented cultures around high-functioning teamwork.

In today’s shifting landscape of knowledge workers, mobility, and flexible work arrangements, such cultures can only be achieved by aligning, empowering, and motivating individuals to deliver strategic attitudes, behaviors, and results. Supported by decades of evidence, the authors show that the implementation of leader-member exchange alliances (LMX-A) are key in this process.

Entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders everywhere cannot afford not to learn from Graen and Canedo.

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