About The Book:

If we knew the causes for the increases in veteran and first responder suicide, miscarriage, birth defects, sickness, disease, and death, you’d think we’d do everything in our power to stop them, right? What if we told you, the military and government know the answer, but they’re choosing to do nothing about it? In Treason and Betrayal, you’ll learn about not only the causes but also the cures that could stop these tragedies in the first place.

In the United States, employers are supposed to create a work environment that protects its employees from recognized hazards. But, as former Navy Special Operations Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen John Patrick Lyons reveals in Treason and Betrayal, the US military has been failing to do that for the people who already sacrifice so much for their country.

In this book, Lyons describes how our veterans, their family members, and the surrounding environment have been exposed to 146 hazardous and toxic compounds produced by firearms and weapons of war. Despite the documentation and research explaining just how toxic these chemicals are, the military has not kept up with the proper testing, sanitation, and schedule rotation that could help protect veterans and their families.

The result? Sickness, disease, and even death. Yet the military, Veterans Affairs, and government continue to exploit their authority and US law so that our veterans and their families suffer the crushing financial burden from medical bills on their own. Don’t believe it? Neither could Lyons until he saw the evidence for himself. He has painstakingly pored over documentation ranging from US government reports, research from the National Institute of Health, and his very own medical records and compiled the evidence in Treason and Betrayal so you can see for yourself.

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