About the Book:

Meet John Patrick Lyons—former Navy Special Operations Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen, or SWCC.

Throughout his career in the Navy, Lyons showed again and again that he was willing to give his life for his superiors, his government, and his country. What he didn’t know was that they had already taken it.

In 2014, after retiring from the Navy, Lyons learned horrifying news: He had been systematically poisoned with lead for years while in the line of duty. After whistleblowing about the pervasive health risks, he was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Lyons refused. Instead, he began to research and write this in-depth exposé. In Treason and Betrayal, Lyons uncovers a conspiracy that the US military and government have been keeping under wraps for the last fifty years.

In the United States, employers are supposed to create a work environment that protects its employees from recognized hazards. But, as Lyons reveals, the US military has been failing to do that for the people who already sacrifice so much for their country, allowing veterans, their families, and the environment to be exposed to 146 hazardous and toxic compounds produced by weapons of war.

The result? Sickness, disease, and even death. Yet the military, Veterans Affairs, and the government continue to exploit their authority and US law so that our veterans and their families suffer the crushing financial burden from medical bills on their own. Don’t believe it? Neither could Lyons until he saw the evidence for himself.

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