About the Book:

Although Kim Carson has had her fair share of challenges on her road to success, her journey has been defined by resilience—a testament to the transformative power of one individual’s unwavering commitment to shaping a brighter, more equitable tomorrow for all.

The match was first lit when she became one of the only Black students in the gifted program in her predominantly white school district, an experience that highlighted the disparities within the education system. It only fanned the flames when her interest in STEM was summarily squashed by various adults due to her gender and race. Despite her keen mind and lofty aspirations, she found herself constantly being held back or feeling out of place.

Fast forward to 2023 when Kim realized there’s a space in today’s technology moment for people who don’t think they belong. In an effort to help others realize there is a place for them, she resolved to advocate for a shift from “Why me? Why pick me? Why am I at the table?"—all questions she asked herself endlessly over her career—to “Why NOT me?” To that end, Kim founded Parallax Futures, a fellowship program taking people into AI and stimulating them into that “Why not us?” mindset, combining creativity, tech, and diversity to develop something more meaningful than ever.

Throughout Kim’s career, she has championed the fusion of emerging technologies with diverse perspectives, unlocking innovation’s true potential. Her relentless pursuit isn’t just about building a company; it’s about creating an ecosystem where abundance, progress, and equality reign supreme. A part of that message is that the focus of technology such as AI should not be on the products but the people. As Kim says, if we want to have a better tomorrow, we need to make sure that AI is representative of our collective existence.

This vision and message are masterfully captured in Kim’s groundbreaking book Why Not Us? From Childhood Dreams to Diverse Realities. Weaving together her own life story with business experiences so that readers can apply her insights to their own circumstances, this book is not about the technical ins and outs of AI but rather about the cultivation and curation of the people using it. Without a doubt, it is a must-read for entrepreneurs, technical founders, investors—anyone who has been underestimated in their pursuit of creating organizations for the betterment of humanity or uplifting distinct communities.

About the Author:

Kim Carson’s story serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring countless others to join her in the pursuit of a future where technology is a force for good and where everyone has a place in its creation. But Kim’s story isn’t just hers; it belongs to every individual whose talents remain unseen, every voice that remains unheard, and every opportunity that remains unexplored. Why Not Us? invites you to the table, encourages you to take part in this movement. Let’s see what we can do as good humans working together to create a better world for everyone.

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