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We’ve Flipped the Model

Ballast Books is a full-service hybrid publisher that handles all aspects of book creation, design, publishing, marketing, distribution, and platform building.

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We Work with the Best of the Best.

Former Special Operations Forces, CEOs, entrepreneurs, big thinkers, and industry-leading experts. Top-performing individuals with experiences worth sharing and skills that translate to a larger message and goal. A high-quality book available wherever books are sold is the cornerstone of our authors’ platforms.

Our authors don’t want to sign away creative control, rights, and royalties. They’ve bet on themselves and teamed with Ballast Books to bring their vision and story to life.

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A High-Quality Book Is the Cornerstone of a Complete Platform.

Social media, new media (such as blogs and podcasts), traditional media, personal appearances and signings, speaking engagements, consulting, coaching, brand representation, and entrepreneurial opportunities are all part of an overall plan that Ballast custom creates for our authors.

Ballast Books is a network made up of our authors and like-minded partners. As part of the Ballast Books family, our authors are able to leverage and harness the power of that entire network.

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How We Ensure Our Authors Succeed

We help our clients sell more books, secure more keynotes, do more consulting, earn more customers, and book more media appearances. If you’re a top performer with an important message and impressive background, we want to hear from you. We can’t work with everyone, but we’re happy to explain our process and value proposition and see if there is a fit.

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