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Can (Should) I Sign with a Publisher Before My Manuscript Is Complete?

(Hint: Yes. And Yes.)


"The list of accolades I could provide regarding my experience with Ballast Books could be quite long. I will suffice it to say that Ballast has delivered on every service they claim to offer. As a first-time author, I have had direct access to the founder of Ballast Books, Andy Symonds. From day one, he began to educate me on every step of the publishing process and my alternatives for publishing, distribution, etc. Andy and his entire team have been very responsive and professional every step of the way. The distribution network and marketing services that Ballast offers have been instrumental for creating opportunities for increased exposure for my memoir. Andy was beyond gracious when he connected me with the right folks (outside of his organization) that enabled me to create an audio version of my book from the comfort of my home. I am beyond grateful to Andy Symonds and the team he has built at Ballast Books!"

-J.D. McCabe

Author of The Third Gift

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