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Ballast Author Testimonials

"The list of accolades I could provide regarding my experience with Ballast Books could be quite long. I will suffice it to say that Ballast has delivered on every service they claim to offer. As a first-time author, I have had direct access to the founder of Ballast Books, Andy Symonds. From day one, he began to educate me on every step of the publishing process and my alternatives for publishing, distribution, etc. Andy and his entire team have been very responsive and professional every step of the way. The distribution network and marketing services that Ballast offers have been instrumental for creating opportunities for increased exposure for my memoir. Andy was beyond gracious when he connected me with the right folks (outside of his organization) that enabled me to create an audio version of my book from the comfort of my home. I am beyond grateful to Andy Symonds and the team he has built at Ballast Books!"

-J.D. McCabe

Author of The Third Gift

“As a writer publishing for the first time, Ballast Books has been the perfect partner for me. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by the publishing juggernaut. Ballast Books handled everything from developing the finished manuscript and layout to printing, distribution, and marketing strategies. The publisher himself, Andy Symonds, is accessible for advice and coaching and is a great help when decisions need to be made. Breanne Beightol, their marketing pro, has been terrific to work with and has secured numerous guest appearances on podcasts and conferences. These folks are the best, full stop.”

-Marv Weidner

Author of When the Rocks Sing

“Ballast Books made it easy for a first-time author to produce and deliver a very professional product. From first contact to first book on the shelves, no question was left unanswered, and the collaboration was second to none. I’d gladly recommend their services for any author—a “first timer” like me or someone who has multiple books on the drawing table. Thanks for helping me deliver Relentless Positivity in a manner that exceeded my expectations!”

-Rear Admiral Kyle Cozad

Author of Relentless Positivity

"The Ballast Books team was like having my own cheering squad right next to me the entire time as I wrote my first book. They went back and forth with me every step of the way. They carried me through the highs and lows of writing a book and gave me the confidence to follow through. Don't even get me started on the quality. The beauty and the quality of the book is the number one compliment I get as soon as people get it in their hands. Ballast Books is worth every penny!"

-Justine Evirs

Author of F This

"As first-time authors, we had no idea what to expect when publishing. But Andy and his team did an incredible job walking us through the entire process and our options for publishing and laid out the expectations and timelines for our team. The Twenty-Year War is a large profile coffee table photo journal with high-detail images and custom layouts on every page. The timeline to produce and release a book of its magnitude was astonishingly tight. Any other publisher would have likely laughed us out of the room, but we were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of Andy's team to get our book across the finish line in time for our release date."

-Dan Blakeley

Author of The Twenty-Year War

“It was my goal for many years to publish a coffee table book, and I initially felt overwhelmed by the possibilities. I knew I needed the editorial and design support from a publishing company but had strong opinions on many visual elements that I knew could be usurped by a traditional publishing model. In this research phase, I discovered Ballast Books through the National Veterans Memorial and Museum, as they had recently published The Twenty-Year War. The quality and visual appeal of that book, along with feeling comfortable that my military theme would fit into their library, prompted me to inquire.

I immediately felt at home and excited about the hybrid model Ballast Books uses. Every step of the way, they provided high-level professional support while honoring my vision for the project. Their meticulous attention to detail and expertise helped the book to be elevated beyond what I thought it could be. Everyone on the team made the experience outstanding—from vision casting to editing, design, logistics, strategy, and marketing. I’m so glad I worked with Ballast Books on this project!”

-Kristin Cronic

Author of A Midshipman’s Journey

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