How a Hybrid Publishing Deal Can Launch—or Enrich—Your Business Coaching Career

As business leaders across markets better understand the value professional coaching provides, a wash of new coaches, all hoping to cash in, has flooded the pool. Whether you’re an established business coach with decades of experience or a newcomer desperate to make your mark, taking strategic steps now will ensure you’re ready to float above the rest.

Meet Kayleigh Rucinski, Ballast Books Production Editor

Our production editor, Kayleigh Rucinski, came to us just one year ago with a robust educational background from Belmont University...

Can (Should) I Sign with a Publisher Before My Manuscript Is Complete?

(Hint: Yes. And Yes.)

Publishing Paths Demystified.

Many people dream of publishing a book. But turning that dream into a reality can seem daunting. Where do you start? Fortunately, today’s publishing landscape provides a variety of ways for authors to get their books into the hands of readers.

Yes, You Do Need an Email List. Here’s Why.

If you are planning to publish a book you hope to sell, there’s one marketing tool you mustn’t ignore.

Disrupting the Publishing Industry.

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