Are you aspiring to create a legendary culture, become an exceptional leader, and lead a fulfilling life?

In his debut book, Beyond the Sea, Robert Roncska offers insights into the transformation of positive cultures that turned sour and negative cultures that became renowned.

When Roncska assumed command of the USS Texas, the ship ranked at the bottom of its squadron and faced recurring safety issues. Through innovative strategies, he successfully transformed the culture, propelling his submarine’s ranking and retention from last place to first place in the Pacific Fleet within a remarkable two-year period. Starting with a loving and people-centric approach, Roncska laid the groundwork of trust, standards, and purpose. In this book, he presents a roadmap that leaders can adapt to any industry, empowering readers to create high-quality relationships and elevate their organization’s performance beyond expectations.

About the Author:

During Roncska’s impressive twenty-eight-year career in the Navy, he commanded a nuclear-powered submarine, led the largest submarine squadron in the US fleet, and even carried the nuclear football for President George W. Bush, who affectionately named him “Navy Bob.” After retiring from the Navy, Roncska applied the lessons he learned in leadership and reliability to enhance the culture and outcomes of one of the world’s largest healthcare organizations. Having personally experienced toxic and legendary cultures, he now shares the pitfalls and discoveries he made along the way.

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