About the Book:

Keep evolving. Have empathy. Spend time in nature. Smell the roses. Be like Eugene.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe in, there’s one place that’s sure to welcome you with open arms: Eugene, Oregon. That’s what Dee discovered when she found herself in this quirky town after realizing she needed a big change in her life.

The second largest city in Oregon, Eugene is a charming and genuine place full of character and characters. Not only is it home to several colleges and historical locations, but it’s known for its cultural diversity, artistic edge, local establishments, and natural beauty. Friendly and inclusive, Eugene became a safe haven for Dee—and for countless other individuals who have discovered purpose and acceptance there.

Part memoir and part field guide, Eugene and Me captures the numerous stories and idiosyncrasies of Eugene, Oregon, highlighting what author Dee has seen and heard since moving there. It is, in essence, a love letter to the town and all those who have made it the unique place that it is. A quick but compelling read, this special narrative is sure to help you feel like you’ve found home in Eugene as well.

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