About the Book:

What does it take to get from the tough streets of London to the glitz and glamour of the Playboy Mansion?

Author Zoë Gregory takes readers on a journey through the rave scene of her rebellious youth to the stark reality of young motherhood and the economic pressures that drove her to reimagine her future. With hard work, strategic thinking, and a touch of manifestation, Zoë set her sights on Hollywood and never looked back.

Now, Zoë reflects on her life in the limelight—and she’s not holding back. From Britain to Bunny is Zoë’s unfiltered story of self-discovery and chasing one’s dreams. Join her through her life’s greatest turning points, including, of course, her relationship with the iconic Hugh Hefner. With remarkable storytelling and a powerful message, Zoë invites readers to reflect on their own ambitions and challenges as well as the choices they make in life. More than anything, she reminds us all that, no matter where we come from, we can achieve the unimaginable.

About the Author:

Zoë Gregory is a dynamic individual with a captivating life story. She started her career in modeling at age seven, appearing in TV commercials and print media in the UK and the USA. Zoë later became a personal Playboy Bunny to Hugh Hefner, which offered her a unique glimpse into the Playboy Mansion. She also worked as a VIP flight attendant for private charter jet companies, allowing her to travel the world and meet people from diverse backgrounds. Zoë is a three-time fitness competition champion and a fitness trainer and nutrition consultant who is committed to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. With her passion for storytelling, she evolved into a talented writer and author, sharing her extraordinary journey in From Britain to Bunny. Today, Zoë resides in sunny Florida, where she continues to pursue her writing and share her incredible life experiences.

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