About the Book:

Impressionist artist EMYO has gathered the art and poetry her audience loves into a portable gallery they can hold in their hands.

Emily is an artist who notices the little things: the mess of six children, the paint in her hair, the songs accompanying breakfast, the grass stains on the rug. Striving to look for beauty in each day, she often finds that in art—and in life—the little things are actually the big things.

Light + Life is a stroll through the seasons, a rainy day read, and a treasury of inspiration you can throw into your bag all in one. Filled with poetry, paintings, and activities and tips to help you bring more art into your life, this book is the perfect way for any admirer of EMYO to welcome her work into their home.

What matters is what we Remember

About the Author:

“Let’s get our hands dirty and make stuff.”

That’s the family motto of impressionist artist Emily “EMYO” Ozier. A Tennessee girl with Cuban roots, EMYO has lived a life full of art. From paper dolls wearing napkin dresses to a 3D house for a family of painted bumblebees, EMYO spent her childhood creating.

Today, EMYO lives and creates art alongside her husband and six children on a grassy piece of land in Tennessee. Her art is featured in galleries across the country, all the way from Palm Beach to Portland, Maine, and is collected far and wide. Her paintings are layered with inspiration. From her Cuban heritage and her impressionist training to the love, laughter, and gratitude that fills her home.

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