About the Book:

Real estate is a topic that is daunting for many, but it doesn’t need to be.

When Ryan started his real estate journey, he was frustrated by the myriad of real estate books that were either lacking or overly presumptuous. So, he resolved to develop his own experience and expertise to share meaningfully with others getting started in the industry. After traveling to nearly forty countries, Ryan has determined that the key to success is a combination of knowledge and opportunity—with knowledge being more within one’s control.

Master of Leverage stands apart by providing aspiring investors the knowledge they desire to take advantage of their presented opportunities. With the knowledge gained from this book, you’ll understand how to confidently navigate rising interest rates, hyper-competitive seller markets, high housing prices, tenant horror stories, and a number of concerns many have about the industry.

About the Author:

Ryan Henderson is a real estate investor and a wealth strategist experienced in many facets of real estate. Ryan leverages the relationships he’s developed within the real estate community, as well as the skills he acquired as a tactician gained over a decade of serving in the U.S. military, to provide an authentic and comprehensive real estate strategy for novices and experienced real estate investors alike.

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