About the Book:

America—the beautiful, brave, and bold.

By depicting our nation’s long legacy of inspiring figures, landmarks, and events, this poetry collection enlivens modern perceptions of the stories all Americans are raised on. Even more notably, it rejuvenates our sense of connection to each other and our history. Written with his three children in mind, Red, White & Verse by breakout author Greg McNeilly forges “an unflinching love and passion for the ideal of the American spirit.”

This is a story of American heroism told through riveting verse that chronicles the most important occasions in the country’s history, from the first interactions with Pocahontas to the emergent activism of Frederick Douglass to disastrous events like Pearl Harbor and September 11. Also encompassing the popularization of baseball, natural American gems like the Grand Canyon, the rise of Hollywood, and more, Red, White & Verse truly captures it all. With accompanying historical facts and hand-drawn ink illustrations, this collection of lyrical poems emphasizes the value of America’s mythos in a unique and compelling format that will resonate with every American, regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum.

About the Author:

Greg McNeilly is a husband and the father of three children. His passion is serving companies he helps lead, as well as reading, imbibing, and inscribing.

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