Smarter Not Harder is a must-read for anyone who wants a window into the world of special operations, and more importantly, a window into how the highest achievers solve problems. The lessons from this book are directly applicable to business, sports, and life in general!
-Jon Murchison, CEO and founder, Blackpoint Cyber

About the Book:

US Navy SEAL Commander (ret.) David Sears provides the ultimate guide to reframing thinking, navigating complexity, and excelling in all facets of life, informed by seventeen tried and true Navy SEAL maxims.

Using his twenty-plus years of tactical, operational, and strategic knowledge as a leader in the SEAL Teams, David Sears pulls from his vast experience to draw fresh insights on some familiar―and not so familiar―sayings that will have you thinking differently, delving deeper, and approaching life with refreshed perspective.

Translated from the elite world of SEAL Teams to be applicable on a day-to-day basis to those from all walks of life, the lessons in Smarter Not Harder focus on taking action, teamwork, training, mental attitude, and reflective thinking. Though each maxim stands on its own, together they form an accessible, powerful guide to shifting your mindset, recharging your routine, and energizing your life—today.

Detailing Sears’s incredible experiences on the frontlines, these behind-the-scenes stories illustrate each maxim, taking you from the mountains of Afghanistan to the jungles of South America and the deserts of Iraq to the beaches of Coronado. Compelling and transformative, Smarter Not Harder empowers you to depart the status quo and thrive in today’s complex and rapidly changing world.

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