About the Book:

For the first time ever, Roger Smith, the former president and CEO of American Income Life Insurance and Liberty National, takes readers on an unflinching journey through his remarkable life—a life that includes astronomical business success alongside family struggles and a life-threatening battle with addiction.

Written in a fast-paced, no-holds-barred style, The Most Unlikely Leader is a tour-de-force. Why ‘‘unlikely’’? By the time Smith was a teenager he was living on the streets of Santa Monica and addicted to drugs. He dropped out of high school, ran into trouble with the law, had his best friend shot right next to him while running away from a failed robbery attempt and, at one point, was so down and out and desperate for a fix in his early thirties that he walked into the Pacific Ocean expecting never to come back.

While the first third of Smith’s story deals with his life as a functional addict, The Most Unlikely Leader reveals how he got clean, got his mind right, got his career back, and ascended to the highest role in a massive corporation. From Smith’s first foray into entrepreneurship as a young boy selling comic books on the streets of New York City, to his first sales job in Compton, California, to his taking over American Income Life, this book shares the philosophy, the decisions (both good and bad), and the grit that resulted in a man without a high school diploma being put in charge of one of the largest life insurance companies in the world.

Oklahoma City. Arkansas. Baltimore. Chicago. Dallas. Washington, D.C. These are just a few of the stops we’ll visit as Smith rose through the ranks of American Income relying on nothing but his wit, his work ethic, and his evolving understanding of what it takes to build teams and lead national organizations.

Part leadership manual, part business manifesto and part memoir, The Most Unlikely Leader is the rare leadership book you won’t be able to put down.

“An excellent read and an inspiration for many. Roger Smith by his own words was an unlikely leader and yet he is an inspiration to many. Well worth the read.”

-Reader Review, The Most Unlikely Leader

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