About the Book:

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Chief Petty Officer Benito Olson in his newly released book, The Underdogs: Conquering Life With Man’s Best Friend and SEAL Team —.

From scrawny underdog to Navy Master-at-Arms, Olson’s path unfolds working alongside an elite SEAL Team with his incredible canine partner, Digo.

This riveting tale is a testament to resilience, brotherhood, and triumph against all odds. Join Olson as he shares raw insights into the indomitable human spirit, offering a roadmap for perseverance and triumph.

Author Bios:

Benito Olson began his naval career as a Master-at-Arms serving in Bahrain and Kingsville, Texas. His work with military dogs opened the opportunity of a lifetime to serve with SEAL Team — for multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. He earned a reputation as a go-to handler for dogs at the tip of the spear and was awarded multiple decorations, including a Bronze Star with Valor and Purple Heart. After medical retirement from the Navy, Olson started Patriot Dog Training for law enforcement, estate protection, or household pets.

Darren Sapp has authored multiple works of fiction and nonfiction and serves as a guide for other authors crafting their memoirs. He served in the U.S. Navy as a yellow shirt on an aircraft carrier flight deck.

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