About the Book:

Grief is an organic, unstructured experience.

There is no schedule or correct timeframe for grief. The emotions we have while grieving, and when we experience them, are as individualized as the people experiencing them. Everyone’s grief is unique to them, and any expectation to the contrary is counterproductive to the grieving process and counterintuitive to anyone who has lost a loved one.

Much of this book is about how Marv Weidner found the resilience and sense of purpose to begin living his life again. If you’ve lived through that kind of loss, you will likely see and hear echoes of your own experience—your own grief.

This book addresses a variety of topics that may speak to your experience or your desire for healing and moving forward. Those topics include harnessing resiliency, facing grief head on, embracing loss as an integral part of life, staying present in the midst of trauma, de-stressing in healthy ways, reaffirming or discovering a new sense of purpose, and much more.

When we embrace the impermanence of life, we can experience the joy of living every day and can more naturally live with a sense of gratitude. This is powerful at any time but especially so when we are faced with a health crisis or a loss. When the Rocks Sing will be the perfect companion on your journey.

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