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Ballast Books founder Andy Symonds working with Eddie Gallagher on his manuscript.


Have a book idea but not the time or ability to write it? Select from our pool of talented ghostwriters, who will draw your story out and write the entire manuscript, while you retain complete editorial control.

Book Development & Editing

We start working with authors at all stages of the writing process. Have a completed draft? We’ll proofread it. A VERY rough draft? We’ll line edit. An outline, idea, or notes on a napkin? Ask us about our Six-Month Manuscript program, where one of our author coaches will take you through the entire writing process. We’ll provide whatever level of editing is needed until your manuscript is perfect and ready to publish.


We work with some of the most talented designers in the industry. Our design process is collaborative and extensive, relying on your input and feedback until we’ve created a book cover and interior layout that will jump off the shelves.


Hardcover with dust jacket, softcover, even photography books—Ballast books are printed at the top facilities in North America and the world. Our titles are formatted for e-book and audio as well, so no matter how your reader consumes books, yours will be available.
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Distribution & Fulfillment

No “hoping” your title gets picked up by bookstores—you’ll have a dedicated sales team pitching your title to book buyers. Our distribution team has established relationships with large retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Costco, Target, Walmart, etc., as well as with independent bookstores and specialty retailers like Brookstone and smaller gift shops. We’ll create a custom plan to focus on the geographies and retailers that will move the sales needle for you.
Ballast author Char Westfall featured on the front page of The Florida Times-Union.

Marketing & PR

Ballast’s in-house marketing and PR team can create a custom marketing and sales plan for each project. These plans include book reviews, press and media tours, book awards, author website, electronic press kit, blog tours, events and signings, public speaking opportunities, social media content and ad campaigns, and much, much more.
Ballast Books paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties last year.

Payments & Royalties

Ballast Books not only fulfills retail, direct, and bulk orders but also collects payments and pays you the royalties.

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